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Introducing our law firm

Joyce Ghiraw  Coach & Integrative Therapist

Deep dive into human consciousness

Explore. Recalibrate. 

Driven to help you thrive and self-actualize.

 Coaching & Psychotherapy

Heading 5



A human centred approach. Beyond mental labels. To help you pause and heal at your own pace.


Executive Coaching

Seeking a sparring partner and sounding board in emotional and relational intelligence at work?


1:1 Coaching

Increasing psychological resilience. Rebalancing head and heart. Reconnecting to intuitive intelligence.


Transformative Work

Seeking to experience the benefits of mindfulness, meditation and cognitive defusion?

Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.


Connect to learn more
or to book a session.

Sessions are available in person in London and online via Zoom. 

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