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Anxiety Reduction Programme

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6 workshops over the course of 6 weeks with 6+ individuals. A programme based on CBT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Perfect for teams and individuals seeking to accelerate personal growth and psychological resilience. Each session is designed to educate, support and self-empower: you learn tools and techniques to incorporate into your daily life, helping you to effectively deal with stress and anxiety.

"I regained clarity."

- participant

Group Lecture

For who?

Teams and individual registrants that seek to strengthen their self-efficacy and psychological resilience. Anxiety and stress are normal responses in our current day-to-day lives. When unchecked, they can become inhibiting, draining, counterproductive and can lead to burn-out and employee outflow. Regulating these stress responses works preventatively and gives you the benefit of a balanced and purposeful life (whilst you reap the productivity benefits at work).

"Something just clicked. I've just realised it is about ownership." 

- participant

Blue Hydrangeas
Blue Hydrangeas


6 weeks - 6 sessions

The programme consists of six 1.5 hour sessions that follow the six core processes of CBT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy:

  1. Attention Training (Being Present Here Now)

  2. Cognitive Defusing (Watching Our Thinking)

  3. Acceptance (Opening Up)

  4. Self as Context (Awareness)

  5. Values (Know What Matters)

  6. Committed Action (Do What It Takes)

The workshops can also be purchased (by corporates) or attended (by individuals) independently.

"These sessions already have a profound impact on my life."

- participant


Manager or executive? This programme can be a driver for you and your team. Interested in self-development? This programme runs a couple of times each year for individual registrants. Get in touch to say hi to learn what we could do for you now. Dare, do and blossom.

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