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Transformative Work

Reconnecting with Bodily Intelligence & Intuitive Wisdom

Transformative Work

Exploring and experiencing, rather than only talking: we learn by doing. The Transformative Sessions are designed to familiarise you with the practice of mindfulness and meditation in a direct, actual and here-and-now way. In doing so we explore the deeper layers of feeling, experiencing and bodily intelligence. Through mindfulness, body process, guided meditations and experiential ACT exercises we learn to trust the body and accelerate growth & insight from its innate wisdom. 

What does the tension in your muscles tell you? Longing to reconnect to a still point in the eye of the storm? Keen to tap into bodily intelligence? Ready to release your stress and tension of the day?

What can you expect?

Each Transformative Session is different and informed by you. We explore on a here-and-now basis what it is that you need and would benefit from. Generally:

  • Each Transformative Session is 50 minutes and starts with a check-in. Making space for what it is that needs and seeks space within the whole of you. Through talking (what thoughts surface? what do we notice?) and a body scan (what muscles seem tensed? what needs unlocking?). 

  • Each Transformative Session moves from check-in to practice. The practice can include mindfulness, guided meditations, guided visualisations, experiential ACT exercises and cognitive defusion. These practices are designed to engage and mobilise your whole being into grounding, clarity or insight (depending on what you need). 

  • Each Transformative Session closes with a check-out. Through talking (what is uprooted? birthed? brought to awareness? untied, detached, released?) and a body scan (what and how is our experience now? what changed?). 

Green Leaves

Return to Stillness and Restfulness through the

Transformative Practice of Mindfulness and Meditation 

The practices

  • Mindfulness anchors your attention in the present moment (open, aware and accepting). 

  • Meditation allows you to slow down and observe & inquire your inner experience. 

  • Cognitive defusion. A psychological tool from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that helps you detach from unhelpful thoughts and worries. 

  • Breathing exercises. Helping you calm and ground.

My Transformative Sessions help you: 

  • Navigate peak periods at work

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Promote focus and clarity 

  • Increase breath and body awareness

  • Relax and release unhelpful thoughts

  • Bring perspective 

  • Balance head and heart

  • Reconnect to intuitive wisdom

  • Calm your nervous system

  • Reduce blood pressure and heart rate

Green Leaves

Ready to Reclaim Clarity?

Guided Meditations from Home during COVID-19

See how meditation can aid you

COVID-19 brought us back to our homes. Comfortable and challenging, too. Juggling family needs, work, home schooling, a lack of intimacy and remote team work (to name a few) whilst keeping calm and staying connected to our true selves. This guided meditation offers you a relief of clarity and calmness during your hours at the home office. The Guided Meditation from Home during COVID-19 is a 50-minute online session. We do a guided meditation and explore the findings and observations afterwards: gifting you with enhanced energy and clarity for the rest of your day and on your path onwards.

Ready to decrease stress and increase clarity? Return to Clarity and effortless Concentration

Green Leaves

Joyce Ghiraw Coaching & Integrative Therapy

Curious about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation?

Transformative Sessions are available online from the comfort of your own home. Get in touch to learn more about how mindfulness and meditation can benefit you.

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