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Coaching & Integrative Therapy

Go inward. Confront. Do.

Understands business and human psychology

Joyce Ghiraw C&IT Practice 


My vision is quite simple: I believe in the human potential and the happiness of every being. We are all able to thrive. Most of the time we are more afraid of our own potential and innate strength than our self proclaimed weaknesses, chained by fear and habitual patterns. I invite you to test the waters, take a deep and honest dive and to explore below the seemingly dark surface of your day-to-day consciousness. You may just find riffs and wonders within the depths of - you. That will propel you forward. 

Joyce Ghiraw

Coach & Integrative Therapist

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Joyce is a compassionate and energetic coach, facilitator and advanced trainee psychotherapist. She draws from a solid basis of corporate experience and psychological knowledge. This, combined with her deep intuition and high levels of relational & emotional intelligence, enables her to foster a space for growth, insight, clarity and emotional relief. A space to pause and be. Her approach is always respectful and empathic.

Former lawyer experienced in the top tier professional service industry in Amsterdam and London. Studied law in Rotterdam and Stockholm and is RINO certified in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Joyce works in private practice in London.


Nice to meet you!

Joyce quickly pinpoints the most important elements of a situation and always leaves me with fresh ideas and clarity.

- client

Value 01.

Clear, open and honest. Direct, if need be

Clear communication. Open, honest, engaged. Direct, if need be.

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