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Mindfulness for Kids


A mindfulness class for kids specialised in the development of mental resilience and emotional intelligence. The experiential exercises are playful: the kids have fun while they acquire vital psychological skills by doing.

For who?

Kids aged 5-12 and teenagers aged 13-17. Parents and teachers we've got you! Parents can schedule, or subscribe to, small sized independent classes or individual sessions. For schools we offer mid-sized extracurricular classes. 


Amidst corona kids experience less opportunities for play whilst they are expected to do more. Juggle online and offline learning, catch up independently and deal with increased screen time. This requires resilience and concentration.


Via Zoom. The length of the session is tailored to suit your needs and schedule. The exercises are designed to develop and deepen: mental resilience, empathy, emotional intelligence, body and spatial/kinaesthetic awareness, situational awareness and task-concentration. 


The numbers and research don't lie. Early research of the impact of COVID-19 indicates a negative impact on learning and the well-being of children. This includes worsening behavioural health. In the field of mindfulness, research strongly evidences the positive impact on social and emotional skills, learning and cognition, and mental health.

Who are we?

Comedian Trevor Lock and coach Joyce Ghiraw team up to offer a fun and psycho-educational experience. Each an experienced professional in their field of expertise.


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