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1:1 Coaching

Choosing to Thrive, Choosing You

1:1 Coaching

A trusted coach to help you ease, learn, grow and accelerate. My 1:1 Coaching Sessions help you increase your psychological flexibility and resilience. In a one-on-one setting we observe and identify what needs attention and matters most to you at this point in time. Your values, authenticity and strength will form the basis of your own transformation and growth going forward. 1:1 Coaching Sessions are available in person in London and online from the comfort of your own home.

Are you running low on energy? Feeling trapped at work? Do you find yourself struggling to cope with high energy, stress or anxiety? Facing or debating a life transition? Reduced energy and a lack of motivation? 

1:1 Coaching helps you:
  • Deal with COVID-19, uncertainty and life transitions 

  • Find purpose, meaning and fulfilment

  • Promote self-development and self-actualization

  • Prevent or recover from burnout and to restore vitality

  • Navigate crossroads decision making

  • Shift from a performance to a growth paradigm

  • Find meaning and fulfilment at work

  • Set healthy boundaries for self and others

  • Return to stability, restfulness and clarity

  • Promote self-efficacy and innate resourcefulness

  • Nurture 'heart' over 'head' matters

  • Make room for unresolved feelings, issues and personal relations

  • Deal with high levels and peak periods of stress

  • Release blocked emotions, untie mental knots

  • Move from rigid perfectionism to growth, flow and other self-promoting patterns

Take time to pause

& listen to your inner voice,

wants and longings

Clarity at a crossroads 

A walk in the park

At a crossroads decision making

Are you at a crossroads? Not sure which decision to make or which path to follow? Do you feel something needs to change, but  you're not quite sure what or how? Walk yourself home with a walk in the park. Discover the healing power of nature, open up to a change of scenery and open your mind whilst we walk forward together. Available in London. Regular 1:1 Coaching Sessions are available on location in London and online.

Where do I stand? What do I want? 

At a crossroads decision making

In two 50-minute video calls we will observe and reconnect you to your inner voice. Shedding all the confusing layers of fear and doubt. Wholehearted decision making. Are you ready to listen to your call for clarity? 

Red Mountain

Joyce Ghiraw Coaching & Integrative Therapy

Want to know more?

Regular 1:1 Coaching Sessions

I look forward to welcoming and meeting you one-on-one. 1:1 Coaching Sessions are available in person in London as well as online from the comfort of your own home (especially helpful during busier times). Get in touch to see how I can help.

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